1. i dont know what was going on -___-"

    day 2 of the workshop. we were encouraged to use big brushes and stay away from doing any details, just paint the general areas

    we got into more complicated lighting situations. the green and red one was the hardest. the contrast and the light changes were so unfamliar to me, and i was squinting unintintionally, until Bill told me to stop..but the light was burning into my eyes..

    it got a little better with the ambient lit one, with the red bandana

    the pink one, i got a long brush and tried to paint from far away…some people thought i looked like a crazy person, but it was fun to try..now my shoulder hurts T__T

    the last one was getting better..but it’s still a meduim i need to practice more

    i am very happy that i was able to experience this, but very sad that the workshop ended..

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