1. More inktober..I might actually catch up

  2. Finally got the chance to get my inktober to tumblr, been really busy with the bfa assignments and side projects and not really much time for myself

  3. a page from the comic book mockup for the crew of me project

  4. tessaviolet:



    Ye olde Windows screen savers.


    childhood video games

    i miss those, i used to sit for an hr or so just watching the screensaver, and pretending im playing a video game

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  5. for our second BFA assignment, the class of 101 people was split into 2 sections, the good and the evil. i got to be in the good section, our assignment was to come up with a key that would open a box that had a good thing inside, the key could be physical or just a metaphor.

    after the first week, Jeff Sangalli crit some of the pieces. for this week we have to do fixes and turn it in again.

    i had so many ideas, but i had to pick a couple since i was running out of time, and spent too much time brainstorming. 

  6. My friend drew me http://digitalphunk.tumblr.com/

    I don’t have a lizard, although it’d be cool to have one.

    I was watching this video and it really makes me laugh, that’s why I am holding a lizard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RS1UddsRRFM

  7. starexorcist:


    Via Schtaky with thanks to Lickal0lli for the translation


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  8. digitalphunk:

    Robin begins (not how it happened but works for this series)

    Batman and cute baby robin drawn by my buddy as a tribute to batman day

  9. samsoomful:

    I was really honored to be part of another fund raising gallery to build a library in Ethiopia

    The theme was to illustrate something from your favourite book. I really like all Roald Dahl books, and it was a bit difficult to pick one, but i finally decided on Esio Trot, it’s a simple sweet story about an guy trying to get a girl’s attention but all she can think of is her turtle.

    instead of making one big illustration, i decided to make 3 postcards, that way the person who buys them, can share them with is loved ones.

    here’s the link for the two charity organizations that are part of this



    The auction for the art pieces is up
    Here’s the link http://bit.ly/1wR5EC6

    Thank you for taking the time to support building a library

  10. mcgnarcal:

    I always remember to bring my mini cow with me to the coffee shop for some fresh milk.